Publications and Reports

  1. The Overcrowding of Zion National Park: Is It a Pricing Problem? (with A. N. Link and C. A. Swann), forthcoming.

  2. Teaching Principles of Microeconomics with the Economics Media Library (with J. Wooten)

  3. Greensboro’s Eviction Crisis: Qualitative Interviews and Observations (with S. J. Sills and P. G. Sheldon)

  4. The Regional Economic Impacts of University Research and Science Parks (with A. N. Link and T. Shelton)

  5. The Growth of U.S. Science and Technology Parks: Does Proximity to a University Matter? (with A. N. Link and J. T. Scott)

  6. Science and Technology Parks: An Annotated and Analytical Literature Review (with A. N. Link and J. T. Scott)

Working Papers

  1. The Effect of Unemployment Insurance Benefits on Rental Housing Evictions (Job Market Paper)

  2. Unemployment Insurance and Residential Stability: Evidence from the Household Pulse Survey

Works in Progress

  1. The Differences between the Rural and Urban Eviction Landscape

  2. The Price of Eviction: Landlord Responsiveness to Eviction Filing Fees